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Darcus Howe, writer, broadcaster and activist, dies aged 74 on Saturday 1st April 2017

We first received tweeted news of the passing of Darcus Howe from  Partick Vernon @ppvernon . We were immediately struck with a sense of lost of an era passed not to be repeated. Our thoughts flashed back to times, when sitting and watching the ‘Devil Advocate’ a Black on Black current affairs hosted by Darcus Howe.  The series like most of the Black on Black programmes of the day and even still to this day, were  short lived on national television.

On a personal level I recall being disappointed, that it had finished, and wanted more, as it was a really good programme. Well I thought so, as it got you thinking about the different arguments for or against a particular topic of the day. I also recalled some of my associates, were not happy with the debates that often took place on the programme.

Today reading a more in depth account of  Marcus Howe  life and work, we learnt a number. Many of which were truly a surprise.  For example Darcus Howe was a member of the British Black Panther Movement back in the day. I can recall attending a meeting myself on Holloway Road in Islington many in the late sixties.  It was risky in those day’s attending a Black Panther Meeting.

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Black History Seasons  wishes to express our condolences to the families and friends of  Darcus Howe – Walk good Marcus


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