30 Years of Celebrating Black History Month UK

Black History Month UK Celebrating Three Decades


It’s Black History Month 2017,  and it’s 30 years, yes !  It was first celebrated in the UK in  October 1987.

What can be said about this celebrated month in the UK?

Are there lots and lots of events taking place during this time, and is it being celebrated and broadcast on television and radio?  If not, why not?

Could you list on two hands the number of events taking place in your communities to mark and celebrate Black History Month 2017 – after all it is the 30 anniversary for this celebrated month of October, is it not??   Go on have a go, and list events that you are aware of.  To get you started we have listed some below:

London Borough of Hackney


London Borough of Waltham Forest


London Borough of Lewisham


Greenwich Heritage Centre


London Borough of Brent


After you have listed at least ten events, why not take the opportunity to pop along to at least one event.   When you done, update us, on how you got on.

Enjoy…Black History Month UK 2017 !  Ya…




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