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A two-day course ‘Attachment, Separation & Loss

Level:  This course assumes participants have little or no knowledge of the principles of attachment, separation and loss.

Course Objectives:  By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Define attachment, separation and loss respectively
  • Explain the purpose of Attachment
  • Explore attachment patterns and their effects
  • Describe Attachment Disorder and note one’s own at-risk relationships
  • Discuss if and how broken attachments might be mended
  • State the three main reactions to separation
  • Describe the part played by grief and mourning in an overall process
  • State some traumatic effects of reunion after long separations
  • Plan and prepare effectively to begin mending a relationship
  • identify and begin practicing useful approaches

Participation:  Identify relationships which you think will benefit from being explored – on your own or with others.


This course, ‘Attachment, Separation and Loss‘ is a highly participative, two-day training based on the seminal work of Dr John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth and Associates.  It is designed for relevance to people of African communities whose families migrated to the UK.  It will involve pairs work, small group work, discussion of material addressing participants’ own commitments and concerns, therefore including coaching plus, exercises related to material presented, from which all can learn.  Number of participants is limited to 15.

Dates:   Friday 12 May   Saturday 13 May  – Time:  10.00.00 – 4.00.pm

Venue:  London Metropolitan Archives, 40, Northampton Road, London  EC1R 0HB

This event is part of:  London Metropolitan Archives Spring Arts Festival  taking place from:

10 May – 19 May 2017  –   Migration – Let’s Talk About It

Cost for two day course is:  £65.00 payable in advance – Payable to: Retired Caribbean Nurses Association

Post to:  Retired Caribbean Nurses Association, 62, Beechwood Road, London E.8 3DY

Non refundable deposit of £35.00 will secure you a place.

To book or reserve a place on this course:  ‘Attachment, Separation & Loss’, please call:  020 8 520 9401

Note:  Payment for this course is non refundable, if you fail to attend.


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