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Studio: 17 The Lost Reggae Tapes

Studio: 17 The Lost Reggae Tapes

A treasure trove of tapes from the golden age of reggae has been salvaged and provides the soundtrack to the compelling story of the family behind the legendary Randy’s Studio 17



Narrator Levi Roots
Producer Reshma B
Producer Mark James
Director Mark James
Executive Producer Waël Kabbani
Editor Paul Burgess
Production Company Widestream Films Ltd
Production Company Iambic Dream Films
Production Company BBC

Black History Seasons came across this information about   Studio: 17 The Lost Reggae Tapes  early this afternoon (11 October 2019) and had to simply share this information…

Tune in this evening (11 October 2019)  to BBC 4 to watch this compelling documentary for all you Reggae lovers, and if you are new to Reggae it’s an opportunity to learn about the Reggae during the 1960’s  through to 1970’s.  A programme not to be missed, don’t take our word for it.

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